STEP Lab presents new range of machinery based on linear motors at the MME conference in Frankfurt

Ideal for polymer testing

STEP Lab, manufacturer of electrodynamic testing machines, presents the new range of machines based on linear motors. The new systems based on this technology are perfectly suited for testing on polymers, both for the material and the finished product.

Step Lab presenterà le macchine alla conferenza MME

The electrodynamic actuator of STEP Lab, thanks to its wide speed range (up to 4 m/s), allows to perform both static and dynamic tests (including high speed tensile tests).
Thanks to the further enhanced Test Center interface, it is possible to easily manage both strain and force controlled tests and to easily process the test results by comparing them with each other.

STEP Lab machines are also ready to integrate with our CC80SP climatic chamber for temperature testing.

The cell is managed directly by the machine controller for perfect integration and ease of management.

Visit us during the Materials Meet Engineering to see one of our latest products at work.


Tuesday, 18 June 2019


Westhafen Pier 1
Rotfeder-Ring 1
60327 Frankfurt am Main


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