+ Manageable speeds from 0.01mm/s up to 4.000mm/s
+ Management of control loops up to 16 kHz
+ Cycles with frequencies up to 100 Hz
+ Maximum speeds of 4 m/s
+ High stroke more than 200mm

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Damper testing machines

For high dynamic applications

General description

STEP Lab uses its specialization in the development of electrodynamic axes to create a new series of machines for applications with very high dynamics, in particular for the sector of shock absorbers, both for cars and motorcycles.
This new range of machines is all based on linear motor technology.

In addition to the evolution of the dynamic part, the controller and the machine management software have also been further enhanced with dedicated modules.

software interface with damper test graph

In particular, software modules for shock absorber testing have been developed.
These applications allow to easily manage tests on shock absorbers using numerous waveforms, importing random profiles acquired on the road and flexibly managing test sequences.
The post-processing module allows to easily view and analyze the acquired data, to compare them with each other and to create an exhaustive and easy to read report.

The machines manage cycles with frequencies up to 100 Hz and maximum speeds of 4 m/s.

As is our tradition, these machines enjoy the advantages of electric machines.


  • Exceptional dynamic performance
  • Maintenance tending to zero thanks to the absence of a mechanical transmission
  • Low power consumption thanks to the high efficiency of the electric motor and absence of mechanical transmission
  • Possibility to manage N machines in synchronized mode so as to create a 4-poster system
  • Flexible geometrical configuration: machine can be purchased also as a linear actuator without upper crossbeam columns
  • Wide range of use thanks to manageable speeds from 0.01mm/s up to 4.000mm/s and high stroke over 200mm
  • Simple installation thanks to the request of only one electric socket and compressed air



  • Closed loop control of force and displacement by Test Center control system
  • Reproduction of sinusoidal, triangular and custom profiles
  • Loop control and data acquisition up to 16 kHz
  • High resolution data acquisition (24 bit)
  • Import of acquired random profiles


  • Variable installation positions
  • Controller in separate and free position
  • Flexible programming of test sequences by Test Center graphic interface
  • Automatic reports

Automatic report of damper test data acquisition


  • Large variety of grips, special testing tools and load cells
  • Integration with extensometers and climatic chambers

Common Application areas

  • Testing of shock absorbers for the automotive, motorcycle and heavy transport industries
  • Testing of materials, products and assembly processes
  • Cyclic tests (fatigue), static tests and tensile and compressive tests at high speed and high frequencies


Max dynamic force[kN]10204010.420.531
Max static force[kN]36152.14.26.3
Max dynamic force for continuous tests[kN]48192.75.48.1
Max test speed[mm/s]400040004000400040004000
Max test frequency
Max speed at max dynamic force[mm/s]1750/40001750/40002000400040004000
Max acceleration without load[G]> 35> 40> 35> 65> 65> 65
Maximum acceleration (40 kg unsprung)[G]> 15> 20> 28> 20> 30> 35
Standard stroke[mm]200200220220220220
Installed electric power[kW]20/5040/9090132640
Working Temperature[°C]5-355-355-355-355-355-35

* Liquid-cooled engine