Electromechanical actuators


> For dynamic and static applications
> Special ball screws for high precision and high durability
> Dynamic loads from 4.0 to 300.0 kN

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Electromechanical actuators


For static and dynamic testing

General description

Electromechanical linear actuator for multi purpose applications, for standard material or product test. Dedicated for force/travel measurements with high demands on resolution, accuracy and speed.
The high performances of the measure and control systems permit to certificate the testing machine according to the standards ISO 7500-1, ISO 4965 and ASTM E467 (certificates available on request).

  • Testing of materials, products and assembly processes
  • Cyclic tests (fatigue)


  • Closed loop control of force and travel by Test Manager control system
  • Maximum acceleration up to 2g
  • Loop control and data acquisition up to 8 kH
  • High resolution data acquisition (24 bit)
  • Possibility of installation on any type of structure and support, alone or up to 8 controlled axes
  • Variable mounting via front or rear flange
  • Measurement and control electronics in separare free position
  • Flexible programming of test sequences by Test Center graphic interface
  • Ideal to use in clean room areas
  • Large variety of grips, special testing tools and load cells
  • Integration with extensometer and temperature chambers


Easy to maintain

High reliability

Efficient and very low electrical consumption thanks to the high efficiency of the electric motor

Wide range of use, manageable speeds from 0.01mm/s up to 8000mm/s

Simple installation thanks to the requirement of only one power outlet


Technical data

Max. Dynamic Force (sinusoidal fatigue) [kN]2.05.516.050.0100.0200.0
Max. Static Force [kN]**265.0**
Max. Test Speed[mm/s]8001250530500530530
Standard Stroke*[mm]250250300200200200
A – Length[mm]570653925110013201500
B – Width[mm]75155135185280425
C – Depth[mm]160240320370600940
D – Legth with Piston[mm]6427371050125015541745
Ambient Temp.[°C]5 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 35

*Other values available upon request | **Configuration for heavy loads with low dynamic
NOTES: Force and speed values aren’t the values for a particular configuration. They are the maximum reachable values in different configurations. Please contact us for more information.
Details and dimensions may differ, in function of the configuration.
Specifications subject to change

EA010 Performance graph*

EA030 Performance graph*

* Other options with higher speeds and forces are available

Max. static torque [Nm]
Max. dynamic torque [Nm]
Max. test speed[rpm]400400300300300
Max. Number of Revolutions UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Rotational absolute encoder integratedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Available for electro-mechanical axisEA05 and greaterEA05 and greaterEA015 and greaterEA015 and greaterEA015 and greater
Available for electro-dynamic axisUD02 and greaterUD02 and greaterUD04 and greaterUD04 and greaterUD08 and greater

All the solutions is comprensive of biaxial load cell.
* Greater value upon request.
Note: Specifications subject to change


Load cell 0,1 Load cell 10
Load cell 0,5 Load cell 25
Load cell 1 Load cell 50
Load cell 2,5 Load cell 100
Load cell 5

*The accuracy of the load cells supplied is 1 (ISO 376). Load cells with accuracy 05 and 00 are available on request.


  • Portal structure for large product testing
  • Two columns load frame
  • Extensometer
  • Climatic temperature chambers
  • Remote control
  • Mechanical grips for material testing
  • Control for two synchronized electro-mechanical axis

*Technical solutions for specific tests are available on request

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    Are you interested in finding out what our electromechanical actuators can do for you?