Damper testing machines


> Manageable speeds from 0.01mm/s up to 8.000mm/s
> Cycles with frequencies up to 200 Hz
> High stroke more than 200mm

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Damper testing machines


For performance tests and high dynamic characterization of products and materials

General description

STEP Lab, responding to the request of cheaper, easy to use, high performance and green products, presents a new products line, for the characterization and high dynamic testing of shock absorbers. This new line is based on linear motors and its high performance Test Center software platform. The machines are suitable to test damper for cars, motorcycles and trucks. This new family of machines was born to overcome the limitations of hydraulic systems by effectively responding to the demand for high performance, ease of installation and low energy consumption. STEP Lab offers the widest range of electrodynamic systems on the market with peak dynamic loads up to 80 kN and continuous dynamic loads up to 40 kN. STEP Lab is also close to its customers giving the possibility of a wide customization both hardware and software.

  • Research and development laboratories
  • Controls on the production line
  • Quality control laboratories
  • Racing teams
  • Mobile labs for track testing


  • Widest range of loads on the market
  • The machines are controlled through Test Center software with dedicated modules for dampers
  • Exceptional dynamic performance
  • Almost zero maintenance costs
  • Very Low energy consumption thanks to the high efficiency of electrodynamic systems
  • Possibility to manage N machines in synchronized mode so as to create a 4-poster system
  • Possibility of installation on any type of structure and support, alone or up to 8 controlled and synchronized axes
  • Flexible programming of test sequences by Test Center graphic interface
  • Ideal to use in clean room
  • Able to test and manage any type of active shock absorbers (based on stepper motors, DC motors, solenoids)
  • Very wide range of signals and transducers that can be acquired


Exceptional dynamic performance and simple installation thanks to the request of only one electric socket and compressed air

Possibility to manage N machines in a synchronized way in order to realize multi-axis systems

Very low electrical consumption due to the high efficiency of the electric motor and absence of mechanical transmission

Zero maintenance due to the absence of a mechanical transmission

Flexible geometric configuration: machine can be purchased as linear actuator without structure


Technical data

STEP Lab is proud to offer the widest range of linear motor based test systems. Our electrodynamic systems are divided into two families: one suitable for flexible use and one dedicated to the field where exceptional dynamics (up to 100G) are required. Both product families are managed by the same controller, scalable to the required performance and have the same software packages available. The HUD / XUD systems, developed for flexible use, have an exceptional price/performance ratio.

HUD010 / HUD10LHUD020 / HUD020LHUD030 / HUD030LHUD030-5 / HUD030L-5HUD030-11 / HUD030L-11HUD040-15 / HUD040L-15XUD05XUD010XUD020XUD030
Max. Peak Force [kN]
Max. Dynamic Force[kN]
Max. Static Force[kN]
Max. Test Speed[m/s]4.0 / 6.04.0 / 6.54.0 / 6.51.7 / 3.31.7 / 3.31.7 /
Max. Speed at Peak Force[m/s]1.6 / 4.01.6 / 4.01.6 / 4.00.8 /1.60.8 / 1.60.8 /
Max. Test Frequency[Hz]> 125> 125> 125> 100> 100>100> 300> 300> 300> 300
Standard Stroke[mm]20020020024024080220220220220
Facility Requirement[V]3PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 4003PH 400
Working Temperature[°C]5 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 355 – 35

*Configurable on request
Note: Specifications subject to change


Load cell 0,1 Load cell 10
Load cell 0,5 Load cell 25
Load cell 1 Load cell 50
Lode cell 2,5 Load cell 100
Load cell 5

*The standard accuracy class is 1 (ISO 376). The accuracy class 05 and 00 are available upon request.


  • Portal structure for large product testing
  • Two columns load frame
  • Extensometer for static tests
  • Control for two or more synchronized axes
  • Climatic chambers integrated in the structure and managed by Test Center
  • Remote control
  • Wedge jaws for test on flat specimens
  • Wedge jaws for testing cylindrical specimens
  • Customized grips for uniaxial testing of materials and products
  • Customized grips for multiaxial testing of materials and products

*Technical solutions for specific tests are available upon request

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